Pristine and Voluminous

The conditioner caters to the individual needs of each hair strand. It locks moisture, nourishes and strengthens the hair. On repeat use, it progressively repairs, rebuilds, and protects the hair leaving it looking pristine, voluminous and full with a healthy shine.

Suitable for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair, hard-to-manage hair, and those who want to increase hair length.


After shampooing, apply and spread evenly into hair. Gently massage into hair shaft. Rinse thoroughly with water. 



+ Repairs damage and strengthens hair

Over repeat use, restores hair elasticity, bounce and volume. Progressively rejuvenates and revitalizes brittle hair.

The core of our hair is damaged during chemical treatment such as perming, rebonding, bleaching and dyeing. Hair damage of this nature results in porosity and stiffness. Damaged hair appears lighter in colour and lack of bounce. Severely damaged hair, such as those that have undergone repeat chemical treatment may become brittle and breaks easily at mid-length or at the ends.

This protein-rich conditioner thoroughly nourishes, strengthens and revitalizes damaged hair from its core. With repeat use, the hair's elasticity, bounce and volume is restored.

+ Locks moisture

Hair becomes soft and manageable.

Hair is “soaked” with moisture from core to surface, from root to tip. It delivers extreme softness and manageability enabling ease of styling

+ Repairs hair surface

Restore hair smoothness, increases shine

Nano-repair technology delivers outstanding hair smoothness that greatly enhance detangling, tames frizzy hair and minimizes fly-away.

+ Lubricates

Hair combs through and detangles easily, minimizes surface damage and preserves its natural shine.

Hair surface is subject to damage by daily styling and combing. Regular hard brushing due to entanglement or detangling causes damage of surfaces resulting in loss of shine and dullness. Severe damage at the ends may cause total loss of the cuticle layer leading to split ends. This conditioner enables smoothness and slip on hair surfaces thus minimizing damage.

+ Does not build-up

Does not weigh down hair on repeat use. Suitable for daily use.

This conditioner does not contain hair conditioning polymers such as silicone which is known is cause build up.

+ Sweet Floral Scent

Soothing and calming, tranquil and serene. Suitable for all hair types.


Hair Conditioner (300ml)








Hair Mist