Prevent split ends

Light and non-sticky, this easy to use spray on hair mist softens hair and increases its smoothness. This greatly eases combing and aids manageability during blow-dry and styling. It tightens cuticles, restores shine and prevent damage. On daily use, it progressively repairs and strengthens the hair. Use regularly to prevent split ends.


Spray sparingly on towel-dried hair. Massage to evenly distribute over hair shaft. Blow dry and style as usual.  For longer hair, or hair with badly damaged ends, spray once on towel dried hair, massage in and comb through. Style as usual.



+ Spray-on repair booster

Allows targeted repair of damage hair core regions. Protects hair surface from damage during styling and blow-drying.

+ Water-base, non-sticky

The hair mist has a water thin consistentcy which penetrates readily into the core of hair to further repair any damage.

In addition, unlike solvent based hair sprays, water based sprays are completely skin-friendly and do not leave a sticky feeling once dry.

+ Locks moisture

The hair mist locks moisture onto the hair making it soft and manageable, not brittle and not break easily. It thus allows for targeted repair of dry hair.

+ Surface repair

Promotes shine and reduces combing friction. Hair will experience minimum cuticle damage and maintain smoothness and shine.

Nano-repair technology combined with delivers outstanding hair smoothness that greatly enhance detangling, tames frizzy hair and minimizes fly-away.

+ Lubricates

Hair combs through and detangles easily. Prevents split ends.

Hair surface is subject to damage by daily styling and combing. Regular hard brushing due to entanglement or detangling causes damage of surfaces resulting in loss of shine and dullness. Severe damage at the ends may cause total loss of the cuticle layer leading to split ends. This hair mist enables smoothness and slip on hair surfaces thus minimizing damage.

+ Does not build-up

Does not weigh down hair on repeat use. Suitable for daily use.

This hair mist does not contain silicone which is known to cause build-up.


Hair Mist (300ml)








Hair Mist