Removes Build Up

Our hair shampoo cleanses and removes build up that weighs down your hair.  Mild on the scalp, it leaves hair shiny, light and tangle-free. Suitable for daily use on all hair types, colour-treated and chemically-treated hair. Use with CLYNN BY NATURE® hair conditioner for outstanding results.


Apply directly on hair and massage into a creamy lather with water. Rinse thoroughly with water and follow with CLYNN BY NATURE® hair conditioner. 



+ Excellent cleansing

Rich in lather that effectively removes dirt and grime, unclog pores on the scalp, removes build-up on hair such as silicone, waxes and styling polymers to restore shine.

The hair shampoo provides excellent cleansing of the scalp, removing dirt and excess conditioning agents that are responsible for the clogging of pores, the subsequent weakening of hair follicles, and in severe cases hair loss. It also prevents acne formation which could arise from clogged pores. The result is a clean scalp with pores unclogged and strengthened hair follicles.

In addition, the shampoo also leaves the hair cleaned and well-prepared for absorption of nutrients for core-strengthening and rejuvenation by the hair conditioner. In the process of cleaning, the removal of build-up, hair fixing waxes and conditioning polymers revitalizes “heavy”, “weighed-down”, dull-looking and frizzy hair. This restores the hair's natural shine, weightlessness and volume.

+ Skin-friendly

Does not irritate scalp, prevents scalp itchiness, flakiness and dryness. Allows gentle scalp and hair massaging.

This mild cleanser thoroughly cleanses but preserves the scalp’s natural lipid protection layers.

+ Leaves no residue on the scalp

Does not clog pores, therefore strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss.

Conditioning agents accumulating on the scalp can result in clogged pores that could lead to weakened hair follicles. Hair loss may eventually happen. In some cases, clogged pores causes formation of acne. This mild shampoo contains very low levels of conditioning polymers.

+ Light conditioning

Eases combing. Does not build-up.

+ Citrus Scent

Refreshing, uplifting and invokes positive feeling of joy and happiness.


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