CLYNN By Nature’s
4 Steps to Scalp Care The Natural Way



Problem scalp conditions include itchy, flaky or oil clogged follicles which lead to hair loss. Dirt and build up from a humid climate can lead to an itchy scalp. Keeping your scalp clean is important for healthy hair growth. CLYNN By Nature’s patented formula deep cleans without stripping your scalp. Ingredients are specially chosen to gently hydrate the scalp whilst removing build up. This treatment shampoo is gentle enough for daily use.



When damaged hair shaft or tresses become porous, hair can appear dry, brittle, and even stiff and hard to manage. Conditioning repairs damaged hair by strengthening the hair. CLYNN By Nature’s formula not only strengthens but softens damaged hair, using an advanced oil-free technology that prevents clogging of hair follicles. The range of conditioners is especially recommended to prevent hair loss and can be used on chemically treated hair.


Split Ends Prevention

Heat and chemically treated hair is damageprone, usually lacks shine and may lead to frizz and split ends. Using a leave in conditioner or hair mist is recommended to treat split ends. Frizz can be a cause of natural hair type or humidity.

CLYNN By Nature Hair mist restores shine and prevents split ends using a non-sticky, 100% natural keratin formula, free from parabens and oils. The mist gives the surface of the hair shine and helps smooth out frizz and is specially formulated to prevent cuticle damage which leads to split ends.



The scalp should be treated gently to ensure the surface is hydrated and your hair follicles are not clogged. Adding additional nutrients to the scalp will accelerate hair growth and address hereditary and stress induced hair loss. CLYNN By Nature scalp nourishing leave-in tonics are *DHT blocking, anti inflammatory and 100% natural. The fast absorbing formula promotes hair growth by using plant extracts, stops itching and reduces hair loss.

Scalp Tonic 01 stops itching and stimulates new roots.

Scalp Tonic 02 promotes hair growth and makes fine hair thicker - you can see the results within 3 weeks. Both formulas can be used on coloured hair and sensitive scalps.

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