CLYNN By Nature is an Award-winning brand of Natural Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Care products, founded by cosmetics chemist, Lynn Yap, who was battling hair loss from menopause.

By: Lynn Yap

July 22, 2021

Categories: Press

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With over 20 years of research and formulation experience in the personal care industry, and being co-inventor of a world-wide patent in personal cleansing, Lynn was both confident and competent to formulate and create the efficacious products for self-care.

CLYNN By Nature hair loss treatment and daily hair care products are carefully formulated with cutting edge technology using natural active ingredients. They are free from drugs, steroids, parabens and other harmful chemicals to enable sustainability and long-term usage without side-effects.

Suitable for both genders aged 4 years and above, they are safe for sensitive scalp and coloured hair.

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