Connie Au

By: Lynn Yap

November 4, 2021

Categories: Testimonials

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Love it very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I have been using this shampoo & conditioner for almost 2 months, last month I went to the hair Salon, my hair stylist curiously asked me how come my hair seemed voluminous, in my heart I know it must be this shampoo 😊. Since she kept saying so, I told her | have been using this shampoo for a month. Actually I was very happy aft hearing from her feedback cos she is a very honest hairstylist so far I have found in Sg, she has become my hairstylist for years n she knows my hair very well (my front hair used to be weak, thin n a bit bald headed at the top), so with her feedback, I m so thrilled n started introducing a lot of my good friends whoever I know incl my brother in law, my part time cleaner etc to use it. Now waiting to see their feedback too. But I myself really found I have “new growth” hair, my head not that bald when seeing in the mirror, hair thicker n more than before. Last month I even started using their hair growth tonic, I believe it helps too. My hubby also said less hair fall just simply using scalp shampoo and his hair is thicker as well. Btw for ladies, highly recommended to use the hair conditioner. U will surely love it.

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