Our Story

How It Started

Hairdressing as a profession dates back thousands of years. Occupational hand dermatitis in hairdressing professionals was first described as early as 1898. Still today, up to 70% of hair salon professionals suffer some form of skin damage during their career. Amongst commonly cited causes were repeated contact with water, shampoo and other hairdressing chemicals that might contain potential allergens. It was only in 2004 that certain ingredients in hair shampoo were confirmed as allergens for Allergic Contact Dermatitis. These included commonly found impurities.

Inspired to better protect the skin-health of salon professionals, intense research and development started in 2007. The goal: an alternative technology that could minimize or completely eliminate the use of the established allergens. A breakthrough came about in 2010, when an international patent was approved.

CLYNN BY NATURE® hair and scalp care products were conceived in 2015 in Singapore.

Harnessing the strength of the new technology, the skin-friendly CLYNN BY NATURE® Hair & Scalp Shampoos and Conditioner greatly improve scalp health, prevent hair loss and repair damaged and dry hair to restore softness and manageability.

Evidently, these products deliver natural beauty through healthy scalp and healthy hair from roots to ends. Our daily companion that restores lustrous beautiful hair, maintains clean and healthy scalp every single day. Indeed, a companion we cannot live without. Try it. Let the results speak to you today!

Who We Are

CLYNN BY NATURE® was established in 2015 by Courvoisier Lucas Ng and Lynn Yap with a vision to formulate, create and deliver a series of innovative products that is both skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly, at the same time caters to our modern day lifestyle needs. The brand name CLYNN (pronounced as ‘clean’) which embodies the spirit of enabling clean and healthy lifestyles, is an innovative play on the names of the two creators.

Lynn Yap

Lynn Yap, a chemist by training, is perpetually curious about and especially intrigued by Mother Nature – in particular how it impacts beauty and sustainability. Lynn has a keen eye for detail and is often questioning why and how things work. She is adept at both formulation technology and market penetration, thanks to more than twenty years working in research and development and marketing positions with reputable multinational companies in the personal and household care industry. The years of tireless dedication to new technology development and new market creation have reinforced Lynn's already exceptional passion for hair care, skin care and environmental sustainability.

Lynn Yap is the founder and Managing Director of CLYNN BY NATURE® PTE LTD. She holds a Master of Science degree in Polymer Technology from Loughborough University of Technology, United Kingdom, which she diligently pursued under a Postgraduate Scholarship from Singapore Technology Corporation.

Courvoisier Lucas Ng

A pragmatist and a keen enthusiast of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Courvoisier Lucas Ng holds firm beliefs in the law of nature. He accords high respect to our body’s natural ability towards self-renewal, rejuvenation and self-healing. However, this natural ability deteriorates with age and when our bodies are under stressful conditions. Lucas believes that where possible, one should foster desirable conditions to reverse any undesirable situation. Naturally, this basic understanding of the human body becomes the core guiding principle of their product innovation and formulation design.

Courvoisier Lucas Ng is co-founder of CLYNN BY NATURE® PTE LTD. He has over thirty years of experience in education and consultancy, where he had held both academic and administrative positions. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and Master of Science degree in Control Systems, both from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, United Kingdom; Master of Business Administration degree from National University of Singapore and Bachelor of Medicine degree in Chinese Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

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