The scalp shampoo cleanses my hair very well. It removes hair wax after one wash. Previously | would need to wash my hair multiple times with other shampoos to get the same results.


I use the hair mist on days I do not shampoo. Love it because it detangles and my hair looks shiny and refreshed.

Nicolle Lim

Thank you @clynnbynature.
It has been included into my shower routine early this month. I alternate between the Extra Moisture & Adds Volume shampoo depending on what my hair needs and I'm absolutely in love with the hair conditioner! It tends to my tangled hair and keeps down the frizz.

Justin Teo

@clynnbynature had done something quite special. My active lifestyle means frequent washes, but their daily-use shampoo doesn't dry my hair out while giving it volume for light, wind-swept hair. And it smells... So good 🙂

Connie Au

I started to use CLYNN by Nature shampoo and conditioner for two months now. I found new growth at the top of my head where it was balding. Since then, I also started using their hair growth tonic. Seeing what it did for me, my husband started using it as well.

Angela May

Very Good Scalp Care Products!
Highly recommend. I purchased the entire range but my favourite is their Scalp Shampoo. This is the 5th - 6th time I'd purchased Clynn By Nature's Scalp Shampoo. My hair has thickened out significantly since I started using it in December 2018. I'd also passed their Scalp Shampoo samples to my friends, colleagues and family. About 90% of them noticed significant reduction in hair fall. On birthdays, I purchase their gift sets for people I care about so they too, can benefit from this amazing range of scalp care products. Thank you Clynn By Nature for creating this awesome range of Made in Singapore products!
Type: Scalp Tonic 02 60ml

Natalia Customer Isetan

Hi Lynn, this is Natalia. I met you at Isetan Orchard almost 2 months ago. I have bad hair loss problem that night be hormonal and you recommend me tonic 01. I spray in the beginning 3x per day only at 2 spots where I think most of the hair loss com from. In 3 days My hair loss reduced a lot!! Thank you very much. I'm still using it. 😀 Hair loss less than 50% in 2 weeks. So, confirmed that most of hair fell from center and front part.
I bought your shampoo and tonic 02. After 2 weeks. Tonic 02 I only use after I wash hair. I wait at least 20 minutes after tonic 01. Your shampoo is good. I don't even need conditioner anymore. And I could wash my hair more frequent as my hair fall is back to normal level.
I bought the shampoo for a friend to try last Sat. Another friend is interested to try shampoo and tonic 01, so I buy for her when I go to orchard again.
Yes, I read on either your brochure or website that need 20 mins for tonic 01 to get absorbed before applying tonic 02.


My teenage son and I love CLYNN By Nature Adds Volume conditioner. It rinses of much quicker than regular conditioner and leaves more volume on our naturally wavy short hair.

Hwee Hwee 

Hi Lynn,
I am thankful for the scalp shampoo! Saved my hair.
Hope you can invent more products for us!

Mr. Wee, Age 70+

My wife and I have been using Clynn By Nature Scalp Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Tonic 02 for three years. Our scalp health have greatly improved. Now my daughter and her in-laws are using too!

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