Clynn By Nature Scalp Tonic 01 Strong Roots


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What it is:

Winner of prestigious Made in Singapore (Innovation)Award 2018, CLYNN BY NATURE Scalp Tonic 01 - STRONG ROOTS is an intelligent root care formula. It combines natural DHT-blocking with anti-inflammatory and scalp rejuvenation actions thatstops hair loss due to hormone imbalance from postpartum symptoms, menopause, medication or lifestyle changes.

What it does:

Effectively promotes new hair growth

Reduces hair loss, promotes new hair growth

Reduces hair loss, oily scalp

Natural DHT-Blocking technology strengthens roots, prevents hair loss and excessive sebum secretion. Apply daily to reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth, reduces balding and improving hair density. Apply 2-3 times daily for very oily scalp.

Relieve the scalp itching

Anti-inflammatory and hydration actions relieve scalp itching from bacteria/ fungal attack or dryness.


Mild, gentle exfoliation combined with rejuvenation action restores scalp health and stimulates new hair growth.

Effectively Promotes New Hair Growth-Clynn By Nature

What else you need to know:

  • Colourless, near odourless, non-sticky, alcohol-free, parabens-free, drugs-free, steroids-free, allergen-free and oil-free. Colour care and perfect for sensitive scalp.
  • May stiffen up the hair near the root area to give a desirable lift for easy styling that lasts all day.


Is this product suitable for all ages to use?

This product is suitable for ages 4 years and above.

Is this product suitable for both male and female?

Yes, this product is suitable for both genders.

Does this product contain drugs or steriod?

No, the active ingredients are all natural.

Does this product cause long term side effects?

No, this product is complete safe for long term use.

Is this product suitable for mothers who are breast-feeding?

Yes, this product is safe.

Can this product help people with hair loss and who want to use products containing minoxidil?

Yes, use this product 1-2 times daily, or half an hour before applying minoxidil. It will greatly enhance the results of minoxidil.

Can this product help people who have oily scalp and people with very bad scalp acne?

Yes, spray 1-2 times a day on the affected areas. It works to reduce the oiliness and enhance healing of the acne.

Water, Zinc Gluconate, Sodium Lactate, Crtic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Lactic Acid

For hair fall treatment, spray directly on scalp when hair is dry. Spread evenly until absorbed. Use daily or alternately with CLYNN By Nature Scalp Tonic 02 Hair Growth.

Hair fall, baldness, non-hereditary hair loss, eg. postpartum, menopause, ageing, lifestyle, medication. Scalp itch.

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