Singaporean Brand Tackles Hair Loss Woes With Natural Solutions

By: Lynn Yap

July 22, 2021

Categories: Press

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Clynn By Nature is aiming to become the solution for stress-induced hair and skin woes as it continues to further expand the brand in Singapore.

Founded in 2015, the Singapore-made brand is the brainchild of founder and director Lynn Yap.

As posted by Amanda Lim, a chemist with over 20 years of experience, Yap began to formulate natural, paraben-free, and silicone-free hair care products but of necessity after she began to suffer from hair loss due to menopause.

"I am naturally curious and curiosity leads to invention. I believe nothing is absolute, even when you find an answer, it's still not absolute. There is always something better."

Problem Solver

By that time, Yap had already noticed a shift in the hair care market and felt that her products could fill the gap. "In the past, [personal care companies] never understood the importance of scalp care. The scalp was silent. Then the industry changed. it becomes less about silky soft hair and more about hair loss prevention." 

She elaborated that due to the rising levels of urban stress, hair loss and itchy scalp became more of a concern among consumers.  "In the past, hair loss was associated with old age, but now we see young people with hair loss as well.

"What makes Singapore different is our stress level and pace of life. It is something that I am very concerned about. When you are stressed, the skin gives way."

Additionally, she also came to be aware of common issues in hair salons when a friend sought her help for a problem in his salon. "A friend who owns a hair salon called and told me some of his staff was getting rashes on their hands. He asked me for some help, so they tested my products for six months."

Thanks to Yap's product, the rashes disappeared.

"Being in the raw materials space, we are very careful and mindful of the safety of ingredients and the impact of impurities," Yap stressed. In order to get the quality ingredients, Yap said she uses natural ingredients that have gone through a fermentation process."

Yap added that it is equally important that her products are sustainable, as such, her products do not contain silicone to ensure the product rinses off easily. "The faster it rinses off, less water is needed. It saves electricity and helps reduced carbon footprint."

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