Clynn By Nature

Our natural organic haircare products clean and repair damaged hair, reviving its natural shine, softness, volume, and bounce. It significantly improves hair manageability, and at the same time, maintains a healthy scalp.

Clynn by Nature's natural ecosystem of ingredients not only prevents hair loss but stimulates hair growth.

Our Promises

Scalp Care Solution -Clynn By Nature

Natural Scalp Care For
All The Family

Made from natural active ingredients, these products are suitable for dermatological issues including hair loss.
Shampoo I Tonic

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Natural Daily Care

Created to make daily hair care easier and gentler on the scalp. All products are suitable for coloured hair and are free from parabens and other harmful chemicals.
Shampoo I Conditioner I Mist

Anti Hair Loss Products-Clynn By Nature

CLYNN By Nature’s anti-hair
loss shampoos

Adds Volume Hair Shampoo offers volumizing for thin and fine hair; and Extra Moisture Hair Shampoo adds softness and manageability to coarse and dry hair

CLYNN By Nature’s
4 Steps to Scalp Care The Natural Way



Problem scalp conditions include itchy, flaky or oil clogged follicles which lead to hair loss.



When damaged hair shaft or tresses become porous, hair can appear dry, brittle, and even stiff and hard to manage.


Split Ends Prevention

Heat and chemically treated hair is damage prone, usually lacks shine and may lead to frizz and split ends.



The scalp should be treated gently to ensure the surface is hydrated and your hair follicles are not clogged.

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